IPL Hair Reduction


Electrolysis is a progressive treatment for the permanent removal of stubborn hair from small areas of the face and body.  This method is the best option for the treatment of grey or light coloured hairs that cannot be treated with IPL or Laser or for clients who may only have a few hairs that need treatment.

$30.00 for ten minute session $5.00 for every extra 5 minute block 


IPL Permanent

Hair Reduction Intense Pulsed Light (IPL) uses, short, safe bursts of light, emitted from a flash-lamp to remove hair from all body areas in minutes, permanently reducing and mostly eliminating unwanted hair. Unlike Laser which uses one wave-length of light, IPL uses the full spectrum of different wavelengths of light to successfully remove hair.  While both Laser and IPL use light to reduce hair growth they are two different methods of permanently reducing hair.  And, unlike Laser, our Ellipse IPL system uses dual filters to ensure that only the light with the correct characteristics reaches your skin. The pigment (colour) in the hair absorbs the filtered lights energy and converts it into heat.  This heat then transmits out into the hair follicle disabling it from producing any more hair.The number of treatments will vary depending on skin colour, hair colour, sun exposure and male versus female growth patterns and hair density.  In general we recommend a minimum of 4-6 sessions however some people may find they will need further treatment on more resilient areas. Our Ellipse system is one of the most advanced systems on the market, preferred by Doctors and clinics all around the world.  Its effectiveness in hair reduction and removal is clinically proven and results published in respected medical journals.  You can view this information by visiting the Ellipse website at www.ellipse.orgOur IPL treatments are carried out by highly trained and certified IPL/Laser specialists.  We use the settings recommended by the Ellipse technicians who carry out the clinical trials at the Ellipse laboratories.  This means that we have the data and information to be able to perform your treatments at the optimal settings for your skin and hair type giving you real results in fewer sessions thus saving you time and money.

Our IPL sessions start at just $45.00 and together with our pay-per-shot system, IPL becomes a very affordable alternative to waxing and shaving.  Your first step is to have an Assessment and Patch-Test.

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15 minute session – $45.00 plus 15c per shot.  Any area or combination of areas. 
30 minute session – $75.00 plus 15c per shot.  Any area or combination of areas. 
45 minute session – $105.00 plus 15c per shot.  Any area or combination of areas. 
60 minute session – $135.00 plus 15c per shot.  Any area or combination of areas. 

*no prepayments or minimum session requirements on any of our IPL prices. Just pay as you go!