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Cosmetic Tattoo also known as ‘Permanent Cosmetics’ or ‘Micropigmentation’ is very simply, permanent make-up that won’t run, smudge or wash away.

Like traditional make-up such as eyebrow pencil, eyeliner or lipliner and lipstick, Cosmetic Tattoo enhances and improves your appearance by adding definition and/or correcting the shape of facial features.  The great advantage is its permanent nature – you’ll look good right round the clock!  You can shower, swim, play sport… even perspire on a hot day without losing your perfectly applied enhancements.

Why Cosmetic Tattoo is the perfect answer:

Apart from the advantage of being time saving and practical for everyone, Cosmetic Tattoo is especially useful to people with a physical inability to suitably apply make-up.  Whether it is poor eyesight, unsteady hand or just ‘not good’ at applying make-up, Cosmetic Tattoo gives the wearer the freedom of looking good without the stress associated with applying traditional make-up.

Your Cosmetic Tattoo specialists:

Stefania Capitelli has been performing Cosmetic Tattoo exclusively for over 30 years.  Her experience and expertise is second to none and is she regarded as one of the leading Cosmetic Tattoo specialists in Australia.  Specialising in Powder Brow, Eyeliner, Lipline and Lip Blush procedures her technique results in natural looking permanent make-up performed with minimal fuss and quick recovery time.

Marina Capitelli is a second-generation Cosmetic Tattoo specialist with over 25 years experience in the beauty industry.  Following in the footsteps of her mother Stefania, Marina has spent most of her life in and around the world of Cosmetic Tattooing.  A member of the Aesthetics Practitioners Advisory Network (APAN), Association of Cosmetic Tattoo (A.C.T) and a qualified Electrologist and IPL/Laser technician, Marina specialises in both Hairstroke and Powder Brow techniques, Eyeliner, Lip Blush and Post Mastectomy 3D Nipple Areola Tattoo.

How is Cosmetic Tattoo performed:

Using the finest quality needles, a specially formulated coloured pigment is implanted into the skin.  The needle is dipped into the pigment and then the tip of the needle is inserted into the skin, allowing the skin to absorb the colour.  The process is essentially the same as traditional body tattooing however the equipment and pigments designed for Cosmetic Tattoo allow for the delicate, precision work necessary for achieving beautiful, natural looking results with minimal trauma to the skin.

How long does it last:

The pigment in the skin will fade gradually over time and will vary from person to person based on factors such as colour used, area treated and technique used plus individual variations in the skin’s replacement rates.  On average results last 3-5 years however some clients may need to freshen up the colour more often to maintain the desired look and others may go beyond 5 years without needing further treatment.  Clients who choose the Hairstroke style for their eyebrows would expect results to last 1-2 years.

Does it hurt:

Pain thresholds differ from person to person.  The treatment is not completely painless, however skill and experience in performing Cosmetic Tattoo makes a big difference in the discomfort you may feel.  Most clients will tolerate the procedure however with the application of topical anaesthetic, discomfort can be minimised.

How long does the treatment take:

Treatment times vary depending on the extent and nature of the treatment.  An appointment time of 1 to 1.5 hours is generally allowed.  Following your procedure, the treated area will form a darker crust which will then flake away approximately 3-5 days later.  Complete healing of the treatment area will take a total of 4-6 weeks after which a follow-up appointment will be scheduled, to check colour and make adjustments if required.

Are there any after effects?

Swelling of the treatment area may occur an although in most cases any swelling is mild and dissipates within a 24 hour period, clients with sensitivities may experience swelling for longer periods of up to 2-3 days.  In very rare cases some mild bruising may be evident and again will dissipate.  People who are prone to Cold Sores can develop an outbreak following treatment to the lips and precautionary treatment may be required.

What about hygiene?

All needles and machine attachments are single-sue and disposable.  Procedures are performed in Health Department approved rooms with every precaution taken for the client and technician.

Examples of our work and Consultation:

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